Help with posing ropes, bands, chains ect

I always struggle posing ropes and bands ect. for instance when I want to pose a dog leash on a dog. I tried pinning the trigger hook to the dog collar but when I try inverse kinematics bone tool, and pull the leash, it always ends up in a mess, the leash coils up or just becomes messed up.

When the band has two pivot points (like a pole and a hand or so) I can't seem to get it to work.

Is there a way to pose these things in a manner that I don't need to pose each bone accordingly? Some tutorials maybe? Or scripts/products that help with this stuff?


  • Have you looked at the current Public Build,, which has substantially reworked the IK system?

  • I have not tried that yet. Where I struggle most is that pinning doesn't seem to work correctly. when I pull a bone of the chain, the whole thing moves

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