Can I save a scene subset with all contents for backup?

I can save a character with all it's attachments, clothing, skin, hair, morphs, props using scene subset menu option. However what if I would suffer a harddisk failure and have only the subset left? Can I somehow backup everything a scene subset contains in one compressed file to put it somewhere as a backup so that in case of a failure I at least can restore all the stuff? Or will scene subset still need all the parts installed properly? What are your backup options in general for your Daz-Content folders?


  • You would first need to reisntall the content (actually, DS will usually offer to do that for you if it has been allowed to connect to your account sicne the content was puchased). You shoudl back-up the downloads for freebies and content from other stores, and certainly any of your own assets or textures.

  • Yes I sometimes use freebies or content from other stores also sharecg free stuff.

    So it is not possible to just save a character preset or scene subset and have everything in one single file (except exporting it for other software like blender)?

  • No, and it would be very ineffecieint if it was as you would end up woth multiple copies of some fairly large files (textures, HD morphs). Backing up your isntallers will be far more efficient, at least if you use a high proportion of your downloads.

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