Aaargh! rant about eyelashes in Genesis 8

Drives me seriously mad that Daz decided to make eyelashes a separate node. EVERYTIME I scuplt a morph, I end up doing the work twice because of this.

WHYYYYYYYYYYYYY did you guys think this was a good idea?????????????????

Another hour lost to this completely unnecessary and frankly, ridiculous idiosyncracy. Why not make nails a dedicated mesh too? And teeth? And eyebrows? Or, how about NOTHING is a separate node? A base figure should be 1 node, 1 mesh, and if I need eyelashes, I'll get a graft for it.







  • Cris PalominoCris Palomino Posts: 7,223

    Are you saying this because you forget to export G8 without the lashes to make your morph? If that's the case, just consider saving out the base without the lashes and keep it unmorphed to always have a copy to start from. I have a folder with all my bases sans lashes and just open the one I need at the time.

    The lashes separate are a wonderful thing if you are changing the eyes because since they follow, you only need to concern yourself with shaping the eye and not worrying about messing up the lashes or trying to make the lashes work with your new eye shape since they follow perfectly. It was a bloody pita before this. I'm grateful they made them separate.

  • There is already a developer version of the Genesis 8 figures, set up ready for morph creation, includd in the Starter Essentials.

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