A notepad feature, either integrated or plugged-in.

So yeah, I would like to see a notepad feature, that's either integrated into a future version of DS or sold as a plug-in.

Often I have to stop working on a project, and as I'm doing tests I say to myself that I need to reorient this light, or fix that side of the hair, or tone down that gloss or whatever.  It would be nice if there could be something in Daz or added as a kind of plugin that would let us save notes within the program and pop them up on my screen when I re-open the scene to be reviewed or edited or deleted.   I understand the DUFs don't accomodate extra text, but a text file could be saved in a separate DB that would be linked to the DUFs.  If a file is then revised and renamed, the active note should be saved with the new file.

I wasn't sure if this should be here on in DS discussion, since there's potential for a PA to whip something up, but it could also be built right into DS.


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    What you could do is add a primitive to your scene - say a plane primitive that you colour yellow like a post-it note. At the top of the Surfaces tab there's a box labelled "Tags," click the [...] button and it opens a dialog where you can enter as much free text as you like.

    Granted, it's a bit more clunky than having a purpose-made notepad facility built in (which I think is a great idea), but at least it's available now instead of having to wait for somebody to create it.

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    You can add notes to the "Tags" sub-tab on any icon displayed on the Smart Content tab.

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    Those are useful suggestions, but the thing I'm looking for is ease of use, i.e., a clickable icon you could click to bring up a text box while working on a scene to bring up a text ftame to jot down a quick note that would persist through revisions of the scene.

  • Someone wrote a script/plug-in to do this - might well have been Casual, though that doesn't seem quite right. Not sure if it still works, or is even still available.

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