What other renderers besides Iray are worth looking into?

I like Iray just fine, but I'd like to know more about other options.  I don't have any specific features that I'm looking for.


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    Well 3Delight has some interesting scripted functions you can buy like LineRender2000

    if your Graphics are crap one of the Luxrender options like Reality or Luxus might be an option to iray but you need to redo the shaders

    Octane is great but same shader issues and probably no point if using iray anyway much the same requirements with a hefty price

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    Almost any renderer with import functions will work, but the majority of them will have you exporting your scene from DS as another format such as .OBJ so they can import it and read it. In most cases you will also have to reapply any textures and tweak the surface settings to work in that renderer.

    here are some to try if interested. Vray and Maxwell are freakin awesome, but pricey.

    List of unbiased renderers

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    winduptoy said:

    I like Iray just fine, but I'd like to know more about other options.  I don't have any specific features that I'm looking for.

    I really like what Octane can do, but I don't like spending the time converting Iray projects to work in it.

  • SadKitty_CarraraSadKitty_Carrara Posts: 21,043

    There is Guerilla render too but I couldn’t figure it out

    and Blender has Eevee as well as Cycles

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     you might try a render farm if you have large projects , daz works great with render farms that use virtual portals so you can connect to them  Jack Tomalin a PA here at daz has a render farm,  But I am not sure about his prices or his connection  requirements  so you would need to contact him about that information,..

    there is a whole list of render farms that can use daz , https://rentrender.com/iray-render-farms/  look for the daz studio or SM poser icon on whether or not daz studio can be used in their cloud connection.  some render farms are affordable some are not so read the fine print 

    I have used these guy over at RevUp Render https://www.revuprender.com/pages/render So I can vouch for then ,they have a easy virtual desktop server connection with a affordable $1 per server render node fee & they work with you every step of the way to make sure everything goes smoothly.  Rendering cloud is just another renderer option specially if have huge projects you need to get done asap.  I rarely use them.  but its nice to know that there are cloud option available.


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