Can you create Modeless Dialogs?

The dialogs I create from DzDialog or DzBasicDialog are modal, meaning that once it's displayed, you can't click on any Daz Studio controls.

Is there a way to create the modeless kind? I've checked out the DzPaneMgr interface, but couldn't find anything there (did I miss something?).

I've noticed that the DS Panes are like this, but can't find a way to replicate something like that.

Any help will be appreciated.



  • Richard HaseltineRichard Haseltine Posts: 55,231

    Panes are creared with the SDK, not through scripting. it is possible, but not recommended, to create modeless scripts - and it's certainly possible to use Signals and Slots to have a dialogue interact in various ways (for example, having a button click open another dialogue). Either signals and slots or post-load callbacks may do what you need

  • Thanks Richard! I'll take a look at the SDK, which I previously downloaded, but haven't yet reviewed.

    Rather than interacting between dialogs, what I want to do is have my dialog open, and still be able to interact with DS. I'm now doing it to some extend, such as changing the active camera and making selections in the View Pane. I call this the Push method. I suppose I can continue exploring similar ways for other things I'd like to do.

    On a similar subject, I'd like to be able to execute another script from my dialog. I can of course 'include' a script and call into it, but that bloats the in-memory code. It would be great if you could make a call to execute external scripts, and when they're finished, the code is dumped. Much like using DLLs in C++. This may be another thing that only the SDK can do.



  • Thank you Richard. It took me a while to get into DzScript, what with vacation and all. I was able to call a function in an external module, which has helped me complete a product I've been working on. Hope you had a great Summer!


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