How does Ideal Beauty work with blended morphs?

Mr BowenMr Bowen Posts: 337
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If separate Ideal Beauty add-ons are needed for each character, how well do they all work with a blended morph? If I have a character made of a blend of V6, Gia, and the Girl, does Ideal Beauty work? Does Ideal Beauty and it's add-ons all work together with the right amount added for whatever amount of each character is dialed in or are they only meant to be used with one character morph at a time?


  • Richard HaseltineRichard Haseltine Posts: 58,379
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    If they are set up as I think then each will apply in proportion to the morph it goes with.

  • hzrhzr Posts: 167
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    This, and you can dial in and out each of the seperate portions when you display hidden items in the parameters tab. It works perfectly together with Beautiful Bends for G2F btw, when you tweak the dials a little.

    I couldnt live without those two. The two most valuable addons to the figure, along with Shapeshift I would say.

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