How do favorites work in new beta?

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Just wondering how are favorites saved in the new beta of studio. I see that I click on a heart and make this parameter a favorite, I can see how to call them up but how are they saved? do I have to re-save the item / overwrite the original to save my pref for the favorites for that item?


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    Now I test with some case,
    then at least, we can save the favorite category by save as character.
    (about my case, I test with shape parameter, only,,)

    and next test with save as scene subset.
    it work too.

    then next I try to save as property preset, and I just saved the property which
    I categorize as favorite, but it can not work.

    then when I save modified asset, it could not work. (and I think we do not use it
    to change genesis.dsf in data, without special reason ^^;)

    I think these category of parameter do not saved in genesis.dsf in data,
    and we can save it as character.duf or scenesubset, now I think.

    I do not try it with clothing (figure ) save as wearable preset,
    (it seems to be used about clothing figure as same as character preset,
    to load the clothing,,)

    I do not test with poze parameters, or other type proerty,
    but I think, if I set favorite about poze controller, I think when I save as poze preest,
    it may work,, but I have not tested about the case,,

    after all,, If I hope to save all favorite cateorized property,
    I may need to save as scene subset
    ,, it is most reliable.

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