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Is there a function to automatically align an object's rotation to another object's, like Edit > Align aligns the translated position of one object to another? Studio at least lets you copy and paste all settings that include rotation (but you end up copying translation & scaling as well, if there are any).

I've searched here & there and can't find anything on this.


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    If I under stand what you are asking I think I asked the exact same question thread called OREINT EXPRESS 2-3 threads down from this one! There is one way to do it posted there about using the vertex modeler IN the ASS room. I have not tried it yet but will! I have a lot of imports from HEXAGON and sometime the axis is off for what I need and GROUPING doesn't work all the time..

    Sometime if your just not getting the orientation where you want you can GROUP the object and it will change it to the current XYZ

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    edited December 1969 lets you do something close enough. Just don't forget to work with a copy.

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    If you want to rotate them together, grouping them will give them a common axis of rotation.

    But it wont change the individual ones. Still, it's something ...

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    Not automatic, but you can copy/paste each angle from one object to another via the properties panel

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    Thanks for your answers, all! I have a solution!

    Richard, I did notice and quickly read through your Orient Express topic, before I posted. I thought it was a pretty cool coincidence how similar it was to my query! Though, what I wanted & what the solution is, are simpler and didn't involve the Vertex Modeler or hotpoint adjustments. Basically, I wanted to quickly & accurately rotate an object (axes & all) to align (face the same way) as another object, ideally without moving either from their positions. Your, and Sockratease's mentioning of grouping objects to give them a common XYZ, and DougS' mentioning of changing the properties panel figures, gave me an idea to the solution of matching the rotation/orientation of object A to object B:

    1. parent object A to object B
    2. zero out all A's rotation numbers in the properties panel. A will face the same way as B, without either leaving its position
    3. unparent A from B and A's rotation numbers will automatically be right for world coordinates

    Well, that solution worked for 2 simple cones, anyway. Hope it'll work for complex figures & tree structures, also!

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    Thanks Ascania,
    Seems like something that'll be very helpful for a large scale project :)! It can probably mean much smaller workfiles along the way and thus less reluctance to "save often".

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