Planet Stuff revisited.

Hey There, its been awhile...

I'm still working on a project I was working on when I last frequented this site, and am probably resuming asking questions already answered in various ways elsewhere...

But the search function was iffy when putting in words I thought best.

So yeah.

I'm trying to make an all-in-one scene, involving worlds and suns.

One where you have

a world sphere, with an atmosphere, er, sphere, around it,

a moon around that world, with its own atmosphere sphere.

and a real "star" as local sun (instead of built in sun), as sphere with lights in it, that shoots light out, lights the sun texture, yet doesnt make the sun look transparent.

it sounds like if asked before it was replied back as being a tall order, beyond the capabilities of the wizardly ancient bryce, still the only render i use...

But with the thousands of hours ive blindly played with this program, I "taste" a solution being out there, the built in atmosphere on sphere is too close to working to be completly impossible.

The crux of this is being able to zoom into the world surface and see rough but working blue sky and sun and to zoom out to space with it properly blackening, answers where probably to cheat with video editing two scenes.

My imaginative world further complicates things with a close geosynchronous moon over an important area, an everpresent ice moon that partially REFECTS the world back at it.

Lastly i have a "star tether", in that something that probably look like a tether to the local star. in reality its a strange string/chain a planet-like debris islands stretching from near the star, outwards to systems edge, about 45 degrees upwards, from the systems planetary orbit disk plane.


 - Jim




  • egehlinegehlin Posts: 9

    Greetings cyberjim,

    Many years ago I created a series of Bryce planets and deep space objects that I posted for free download. Among them was a sun object that used a series of luminous volumetric spheres and radial lights to act as an independant light source. There are 43 planets and moons and the one sun object which I posted as "Deep Space 001 for Bryce". Though I no longer use Bryce, I've kept these objects available for free download on ShareCG. Here is the link:

    I hope these help you with your work.

    Best Regards,


  • cyberjymcyberjym Posts: 33

    SWEET! Thanks...

     - Jim



  • JamahoneyJamahoney Posts: 1,787

    Didn't know about these, so much thanks, Eric.


  • mermaid010mermaid010 Posts: 2,829

    Thanks Eric

  • ed3Ded3D Posts: 876

    _seems like , have looked at these < some time ago<


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