Tyler GND ??

I have Poser 9 software from 2012 gathering dust in my desk drawer. This was before migrating to DAZ Studio.

One of the figures I own from back then is called Tyler GND. It was based on their Ryan figure I believe.

I don't really want to import it to DAZ Studio, but I would like to know what it would compare to in the Genesis line.

Would Tyler GND be a Genesis or Genesis 2 equivalent? Just curious.

I picked up with DAZ Studio last year after a long hiatus, and was blown away by the level of detail in the Genesis 3 and 8 figures. 

Attached is the promo image for Tyler and Miki from back in 2012. To me, they look more like Genesis figures, but at the time I thought they were awesome.

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    It’s a poser weight mapped figure, so it’s not really equivalent to any Genesis figure.

    If you meant “which Genesis figure was current at the time”, that would be G, G2 figures were released in 2013

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  • von Hobovon Hobo Posts: 1,528

    Thanks Leana! It looks more like a Genesis figure, although I realize it is not. Things have changed so much and it's amazing how much the G8 figure are so lifelike. 


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