Any Interest in RenderThrottle for 3Delight?

Some of you from the "old school" may remember the original RenderThrottle I released for 3Delight eons ago:

It was not compatible with newer versions of DS, so I removed it from the store....but I realize 3Delight still has its place and I find myself missing it.

Is there any interest in an updated RenderThrottle for 3Delight that is DS 4.11 compatible?

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  • JonBoy2019JonBoy2019 Posts: 597

    I am definitely interested.

  • mindsongmindsong Posts: 1,108

    Add me to the list - I was wondering why it fell out of the store - compatibility issues make sense.

    thanks for thinking of us!


  • MollytabbyMollytabby Posts: 1,003

    I’m interested :)

  • greymouser69greymouser69 Posts: 488
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    I still have it and use it when rendering with 3DL.  I think it has limited functionality with newer versions of DS.

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  • Sven DullahSven Dullah Posts: 4,388
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    Can't see the benefit, really. What does it do, other than managing render presets? I can't see that it would expose some hidden render properties with the current 3DL implementation? And is it working only with the REYES module or also with the raytracer? Scripted pathtracing?

    If it has some new features that would speed up rendering without compromizing on quality, sure count me in;)

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  • HibernatusHibernatus Posts: 14

    Very interested!

  • omnifreakeromnifreaker Posts: 66

    Very interested!

    Thanks all for the feedback! Let me know if there are any new features you would want in such a product.

  • ImagoImago Posts: 2,463

    I'm interested too.

  • ProPoseProPose Posts: 287

    For sure!!!  I have it installed to my DS3 Library and I still use DS3 quite often

  • lorraineopualorraineopua Posts: 108

    Dearest Omnifreaker, considering I use it every time I render, the response to your question would be "HELL, YES!!", love, me

  • Silver DolphinSilver Dolphin Posts: 1,113

    I bought the old one for 3delight and I bought the new one for iray. Is the old one just useless?

  • I bought the old one for 3delight and I bought the new one for iray. Is the old one just useless?

    The old one only works with DS 2 and 3.  This one has update to work with DS4 with a few new features:

    Other improvements:

    • There is now an Apply option so you can apply the settings in the case that you want to render out a sequence of frames
    • More conrtol over when your preset will affect resolution
    • Presets are saved in json format
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