Help with "Snap to" ?

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Hi, I have been trying to figure this out with no success. How do I change the units of the "Snap to" grid? I would like it to work in finer units but it seems to only want to work in very large increments.

Can anyone help? TIA

~ Russ


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    Snap to grid?
    Are you referring to the rulers(the red/green lines that show when, for example, drawing a line)? You can change the snapping distance on those while they are active, by pressing the +/- keys on the num pad.

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    I thought he meant points or objects, like you can in most apps but couldn't figure a way to do it in Hex. I always type in coordinates if I'm trying to size something, which is the only reason I can think to to that.

    Thinking about it that way, by changing to relative instead of absolute you can move any fraction of a unit you want.

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