jniemiec86 wants some help

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Hello Everyone, 

Looking for some advice on my renders. I'm wanting to add some extra detail into some of my images and I'm not sure if its my setup thats causing the problem or if there is a tool/setting in daz studio that I just haven't found yet.

Attached is one of the renders I have done recently and what I'm wanting to do is add some details to the lips, hair and eyes a little bit more in order to draw attention on those areas. My images use HDRI haven images for the backdrop, which I wish I could zoom in on and only show a specific portion of since now anytime I try to zoom in or rotate it just moves my figure and doesn't change the scene at all. My lighting set-up is just what comes with daz studio since it seems to be working ok if I put my lights in specific areas. In this photo I have a spot light set at a 45 degree angle from my camera to the right, a filler light located to the left of my character, two hair lights(spot lights) located above my character both at certain angles and environment lights(spot lights) located behind the character to give some contrast to the environment. 

If anyone can advise on how to improve on this to add more detail or make the backdrops adjustable it would be greatly appreciated.





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