order of parameters suddenly changed


In my parameter tab, the order of the dial-items suddenly has changed, to some random order. I'm talking about when you e.g. select a face in your scene and then going to the eyes parameter tab, you see eyes open/closed, eyes crossed...). The order of these is now something i'm not used to and i'd like to change it back. Any idea what determines the order of the parameter items?



  • DoctorJellybeanDoctorJellybean Posts: 4,297

    Please attach a screenshot for comparison.

  • jstiltonjstilton Posts: 127

    here's the eyes parameters... e.g. "Eyes up-down" used to be at the very bottom, now it's at the top

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  • DoctorJellybeanDoctorJellybean Posts: 4,297

    Did you change the layout/style recently?

  • jstiltonjstilton Posts: 127

    yes, i installed 4.11 and my own layout wasn't there anymore. but the strange thing is that it shows like that in one scene that i saved (and i'm working on), not when i start daz again. so i must have accidentally changed some setting?

  • DoctorJellybeanDoctorJellybean Posts: 4,297

    If it only happens when you load that scene, and not when you start DS, then it sounds like an accidental setting change.

  • jstiltonjstilton Posts: 127

    right, but still, i'm curious as to where those settings are? how can i change that order?

    thank you

  • SpottedKittySpottedKitty Posts: 6,846
    jstilton said:

    yes, i installed 4.11 and my own layout wasn't there anymore.

    Is this the first time you've installed a beta version? Note that 4.10 (the current release version) and 4.11 (the beta version) do not share layout or content settings when the beta is first installed. The beta starts off with the default settings to everything, so if you've changed e.g. the layout of tabs and panes, or the location of your content folders, in the release version, you won't see the same setup in the beta unless you manually make the same changes.

  • jstiltonjstilton Posts: 127

    thank you. yes, i noticed i had to redo everything, including my keyboard shortcuts. can you tell me btw how i save those? seems they don't get saved automatically when i re-enter them...

  • chris-2599934chris-2599934 Posts: 1,182

    I've found that (in 4.10) that if I duplicate a node or node hierachy, the duplicated node has all its morph properties in reverse order. Is it possible that you've done that?

  • jstiltonjstilton Posts: 127

    chris, that must be the answer, thanks. experiencing it right now with a duplicated character...

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