Motion Blur?

I read somewhere in the release notes that the latest release of iRay in DazStudio supports motion blur

Iray 2017.1 beta, build 296300.616

  • Vertex motion blur support has been added.

Which version of Daz Studio is this in, and how do I use it?




  • Sadly that's an Iray feature. Implementing it in DS will require soem chnages to the rendering pipeline, at a level that has the potential to introduce problems affecting other parts of Iray, so it was not done at this late stage of the 4.11 development cycle. That doesn't mean that it will be done for 4.12 (or whatever comes next), it will probably depend on where the work is concentrated, but I do know this is a frequently requested feature so I would suggest keeping an eye on the change-log once we have a release version of 4.11

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