Can't login to DAZ and DIM!

I've been using DAZ and DIM for 2 years now and this is the first time I'm having this problem. I was using it when suddenly everything became so slow so I closed DAZ and reopened it, now I can't even log in. It says 'communication to server failed'. I reaccepted EULA just as one of the posts in this forum recommended. Still can't login. Same with DIM. What's happening!?


  • dragonfly_2004dragonfly_2004 Posts: 2,020

    Have you tried re-entering your password manually, and not a saved password? I sometimes get that problem, both with the site and with DIM, where they refuse to accept the saved password, so I re-type the very same password in manually, and that has worked so far (about ten or a dozen times, all told). The site glitches on me so often, I've given up on submitting bug reports. And that's about as much as I'm willing to say on the matter.

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