Daz Studio Crashing..

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It seems Daz studio loves to crash..  As I and others via facebook have found out, we have this in common Iin my situation.. Daz Studio has started to crash just as it loads up.  It is strange as i used it recently some days ago with no problem. i even uninstalled and reinstalled it in hopes this may solve my dilemna but alas no.. Daz Studio Still Crashed on me after this :((..  I just hope the next version that comes out is less prone to Crashing !!!


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    PS:  I am using Daz Studio 4.10  on a Windows 10 based PC..

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    Did you try uninstalling and reinstalling it and are your graphics drivers up to date?

  • What are your system specifications, and which drivers are you using? Issues like this are not the rule.

  • If it crash at startup it's a big chance it is related to other software updates (Graphics ?) or some plugin hickup or something else that is done at startup, did you have a look in the log file to see how far it got at startup ?

    Software don't just start to crash, if it worked before and don't work now something has changed, have you installed something else, updated drivers and so on ?

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