How to replace the eyes of Genesis 8 ?

For me, the rendering of Genesis eyes is unsatisfactory (except in DazStudio with Iray)
With Maya or Cinema 4D, Genesis' eyes look like those of a dead fish.
As I am not very familiar with Arnold materials management, I can't improve this rendering (which must however be possible for experts).
For this reason, I would like to change the eyes of Genesis 8, with a mesh that I created and for which I know the materials perfectly.
However, each eye of Genesis is associated with a bone that allows mobility.
I wish the eyes that I created are also attached to these bones.
With DazStudio, I only know how to create clothes and I never realized this kind of manipulation.
How do I proceed ?


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    For an eye replacement inside Daz Studio you could use the GeoGraft method. I'm not familar with how you export genesis 8 to Maya or Cinema 4D but once you replace the eyes with a GeoGraft you could propably export those with the figure.

    You would first need to import your custom eyes into Daz Studio maybe with an OBJ file and create a conforming figure with the Transfer Utility. Once this is done you could use the Geometry Editor to Assign the hide group to hide the original genesis eyes if you fit your custom eyes to the figure. If the "conforming" eyes are done right with rigging/weightmap the eyes would move like the original and you could try to export this figure to Maya or Cinema 4D.

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    Geografts need to have a polygon loop in common with the figure they’re grafted on, you can’t just use any mesh.

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    have been replacing my Figures eye with my own props since
    the V4/M4 Days.
    I parent my replacement eyes to the native G3/ G8 eye and turn off the visibility of the original eyes.

    However I render in C4D via  pre-animated .obj/ MDD export from
    DS so I am not having to deal with the bone eye relationship in C4D
    but I am sure you could do the replacement  by simple parenting in C4D
    if you are using FBX to get G8 into C4D

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    Leana said:

    Geografts need to have a polygon loop in common with the figure they’re grafted on, you can’t just use any mesh.

    I'm shure you can, just skip that part with Set Graft Faces for Attachment and only Set Auto-Hide Faces for Attachment in the Geometry Editor right-click menu for your conforming clothes, eyes or whatever. In this example with the eyes selected and Set Auto-Hide Faces BTW those faces don't get exported. There where products using this method but as I recall this was not very popular becasue people complained about clothes that if fitted to the figure where hiding figure parts.

    I don't know if I did this the right way but it worked as I last tried it with DS 4.10 to hide the hands under some gloves by only using Set Auto-Hide Faces to turn the gloves into something I would call a "fake" GeoGraft.

    Maybe Conditional Grafts could also be an option to hide the original genesis figure eyes. But my idea with the Geograft eye replacement is a bit complicated especialy the part of getting them to "conform" to the genesis figure with the Transfer Utility.

    Anyway if it works I would prefer a simple solution like wolf359 suggested.


    [Tutorial] Starting out with Geo-Grafting (repost)

    Using conditional grafts to hide geometry : youtube tutorial

    Save as Clone assets , Conditional Graft Modifiers guide from daz


    Screenshot of the Geometry Editor right-click menu:

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