Installing V4, M4, and where is my stuff?

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So I'm slowly installing all my Daz items within Daz 4.10 pro but I have no idea how I'm suppose to install V4 and M4 because they don't show up on the content library.I did look up a guide on how to install the Zip files but it didnt seem to apply to the version of Daz I have (the My libaray folder is blank). I need help O_O

Also when I install an item via the actual Daz program....where is it? Is it actually on my Harddrive or somewhere else? I can't seem to find it.



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  • The base figures and morphs need to be installed with Install manager, not Connect (within DS). They appear in the Content Library under Poser Formats>My Daz 3d Library>Figures>DAZ People (or whatever you use instead of My Daz 3d Library). I'd strongly suggest also installing the PowerLoader files as that makes managing their moprhs in DS much easier.

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