dForce and elasticity of the fabric


Before dForce, I used two clothes simulators, with Poser and Cinema 4D.
The problem with these simulators is that there are too many parameters to adjust. 
In practice, a graphic designer does not have the time to modify all these values.

With dForce, Daz Studio made the right choice for this kind of settings.
In the section Environment, there is the gravity and air resistance which are very important.
However a third parameter would have been interesting, it is that of the elasticity of the fabric. Currently, how can this feature be adjusted ?




  • barbultbarbult Posts: 13,690

    In the surfaces pane you can adjust all sorts of parameters for the dForce cloth.

  • Willy2Willy2 Posts: 26

    I do not see the elasticity parameter of a fabric that may be a combination of several parameters.

    But it would be nice to know the values of these surface parameters, for the below most common materials:
    - cotton fabrics,
    - nylon fabrics,
    - leather
    - latex

  • TheKDTheKD Posts: 1,873

    There is no set values, as clothes have different polygon sizes, and each one will react differently with the same values due to that.

  • Willy2Willy2 Posts: 26

    I understand what you are saying.
    But when I create a garment with C4D, I choose for the mesh a standard subdivision (neither too small, nor too large)
    With DazStudio, I was not able to find a good adjustment of the simulation parameters for the clothe I created.
    With a dforce-compatible garment I bought, I took the exact values of the 18 parameters in the Surface panel for the simulation.
    Using the same values for my clothe, I obtained a satisfactory result.

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