Where did the facial expressions go?

I'm not a new user, just a returning one.


I distinctly remember being able to work sliders to make facial expressions in the past, but all of these sliders are gone from the newer models.

Was this just a genesis 2 thing? Can you even still do that anymore?


I mainly work with genesis 3 models. Is there a way to get the face sliders for expressions back? like what do I have to buy :X This was so useful why'd they get rid of it.


  • L'AdairL'Adair Posts: 9,035

    @Lunarisdoll, Welcome back. laugh

    Expression dials are found under Pose Controls.

    1. Select the figure in the scene.
    2. Open the Parameters tab.
    3. Beginning with "Pose Controls" drill down to Head and then Expressions.
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