Platinum Monthly Coupons Don't Apply To Anything

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I've been a PC Member for at least three years. I used to be able to use these coupons every month. Lately the ALWAYS say Coupon Not Valid. What are they good for? I literally tried just loading all kinds of stuff in my cart, one at a time, and they all said Coupon Not Vaild. Trying to use them now on . Why can't I use it here? It's not a sale item or anything.

06-19PlatClub and 06-19Save6



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    Well that's not a DAZ Original, so the PlatClub one won't work on it.
    It's only $16.95 and you need $18 in your cart to use the Save6 coupon - if you add something else to your cart that's $1.05 or more (could be an older PC+ item or something not new from today's sales) then that one should work.

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    Here's a link that should show everying the PlatClub coupon is valid for: except anything listed there that is also in Fast Grab, nor will it work on Gift Cards or Membership subscriptions.
    This one should show you what the Save6 coupon will work on: - again not valid for items in Fast Grab, Gift Cards and Memberships, and you do need to have a cart total of $18 or more for this coupon.

    EDIT: Fixed the links which I got mixed up badly!

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  • This is very helpful, Melanie. Thank you so much!!!!!!!!

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    You can also install the browser extension Daz Deals, and then you'll have on every store page the filters for the coupons

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