What's the best way to reset a figure so that another can be loaded?

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So I've figured out that you want to keep using the same file / scene / figures so that you can retain your favorite paramaters and access them quickly...

Is there a way to easily reset:
-paramaters such as scale, morph dials
-wearables (remove all) such as hair, clothing, jewelery
-materials including anything layered
-locked nodes/pins/joints

Right now I'm reseting them all one at a time and... manually removing all wearables.  This is a pain because some of them are difficult to find and access through the scene menu.  

Any advice is appreciated!  


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    The poses and morphs are relatively easy and can both be done at once (with the figure selected in the scene) by Edit > Figure > Zero > Zero Figure. I don't know of a way to remove the rest except manually selecting them all under the Scene tab and right-clicking > Remove Item From Scene - that will remove all the wearables. There may be a script out there to automate this, but I am not aware of it. The materials cannot be reset other than selecting them all and replacing them with something else. I seem to vaguely recall something someone did somewhere, sometime that did this, but I can't recall exactly - it may have been something entirely different. Depending upon how much you need to undo, it may be simpler to just load a new base figure and start over.

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    There is a setting in Edit>Preferences>Content tab to remove items when loading another of the same type.

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    You can save a pose preset just for zeroing the rotations or scale. Just use the menu to select which one you want to save.

    daz studio pose preset save menu

    I don't know if there's a quick way to remove clothing. You can select them in the Scene tab and delete them all at once.

    For the materials, depending on which figure you're using, there should be a materials setting that you can load to reset everything.

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    Another way to have a blank figure to start with in another scene is to save the genesis figure with default base shape in zero pose with simple grey material without textures (will load much faster) as a Scene Subset or a Character Preset to the Content Library. I guess the Subset will also maintain the Favourit properties you've set. I don't understand why the default genesis characters since Genesi 2 load with textures that you don't want to use, saving a subset or character preset is the workaround.


    DIY "reset" Shader / Material Preset

    To create a "reset" material try this Create>Primitive: whichever. Select the primitive, open the Surface pane switch to the Edit tab, maybe make adjustments there, then select the "Default" surface of the primitive in the Surface pane Edit tab, open the Content Library, select a folder, press the plus icon at the bottom and choose to save a Shader Preset.

    Now you can use this Shader Preset to apply the DzDefault shader with the default grey material that the primitive object had to anything you like. DzDefault shader is an old 3DL compatible shader but this dosn't matter since you propably want to apply different character skins / materials with other IRay shaders later anyway. For example select the genesis figure in the scene and apply a Character Preset from the Content Library with "replace current selected character" or how this popup calles this.

    If the popup for replace the character dosn't show up and instead a new figure get loaded check the setting in the Preferences (press F2) in the Content tab there are options for default behaviour under Replacement Management.

    To use the Shader Preset you have saved select for example some genesis figure in the scene (which ever generation dosn't matter). Open the Surface pane, in the Edit tab select all surfaces that the genesis figure has, then apply the Shader Preset you just saved from the Content Library to all selected surfaces.

    Finaly you could also save a Material Preset to the Content Library but that is not as universal as the Shader presert anymore because, yeah it will apply to all Shader and Materials setting specific to the figure without selecting anything in the Surface pane, but it will apply material settings only if the Material Zones / Surface Groups are named the same on the figure you want to apply the material settings to, so they only work for the same genesis figure generation you have saved them for.

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