Deform head shape?

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I looked in the shop and could not find any kind of deformation tool for what I want to do.  How would I go about deforming a head so it is more 'cube shaped' than the default shape???  I'm looking to do this with a toon character, but perhaps even a realistic G8 model.  I've seen characters with dials to 'age' or scale the head, but nothing to make the head into a shape like a cube, or even something like flattening/extending the top of the head.

Here's a neat example I just found by accident:


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    Funny idea. I just tied it in Daz Studio and with a few clicks I got this:

    Here is how it's done:

    1. Create>Primitive: cube
    2. place and scale the cube on the head
    3. select the genesis figure and go to Edit>Figure>Geometry>Add Smoothing Modifier
    4. go to the Parameters pane Mesh Smoothing and set Collision Item: Cube
    5. turn up Smoothing and Collision Iterations until the head wraps around the cube
    6. adjust scaling and position of the cube
    7. hide the cube
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    Other shape deformations in Daz Studio are done with DFormers (can be combined with Smoothing Modifier).

    Here is how it's done:

    1. select the genesis figure
    2. Create>New DFormer
    3. parent the DFormer Field to the Base
    4. move the DFormer Base until its above the head
    5. scale the DFormer Field until the influence dots cover the area you want to deform
    6. move the DFormer up with Y Translate
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    Wow Syrus, you're a master :O

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