Sci-Fi Corridor Lighting

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Hi Friends,

I made my first DAZ Studio scene and tried one of the sci-fi corridors I modelled. I had to place 35 lights to get the lighting I had in mind. But since this is my first DAZ Studio work I guess it can still be improved. So I would be happy to get your feedback.

This character is just a place holder to check scale and lighting.


1200 x 900 - 750K
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    I removed that character and added some DOF. Hope it is better now.

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    Looks great. Nicely built lighting and subtle DOF helps with the sense of depth. Trying to figure out what that bright white light is on the door at the end of the corridor is though.

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    Really looks great. Very impressive.
    (I would have added a BUMP-map to the doors on the left and at the end)

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    Great. Thanks for the help!
    I changed exactly what you told me:
    - the light on the central door is more subtle and wider
    - the doors use some additional bump effect
    - the DOF is a bit more subtle now

    1200 x 900 - 770K
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    Awesome, and very, very cool!

    What package did you model the corridor in if I may ask?

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    Really nice piece of modelling. Is the path leading up to the door a rail track as it looks like one, all be it a bit flat.
    If that was my scene I'd stick a red panel light somewhere, maybe next to the door. (Just my preference. Please follow your own path).

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    Stiks1954 said:
    What package did you model the corridor in if I may ask?

    I went from Gamespace to Lightwave and changed to Modo once. There it is very easy to render occlusion, luminous, normal or height maps from geometry to textures and everything is very fast and intuitive. For texture post-work I am using the free GIMP.

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