Duplicate materials when importing Genesis2

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In DS Genesis2 has two sets of material zones, the normal "Surfaces" such as Hands and Head as well as the "Legacy Surfaces" with names like 3_SkinHand and 2_SkinHead. The problem is that the DSON importer puts both sets in the figure, and they don't even get the same shaders. The normal mats are bare bones where as "legacy" numbered ones get Scatter and Blinn shaders. The insane part is that the "legacy" mats don't render at all, as they aren't associated with any geometry!

Why does the DSON importer do ANY of this? Why doesn't it just import one set of materials with the correct shaders instead of making such a mess of things?

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    I can't recall the technical reason, if any.  The Importer hasn't been updated in years. 

    There is a  free script from D3D (God Bless him) to convert Generation 4 materials to Genesis 2 materials you might find useful.  It works both in Poser and Studio...


    Edit; thinking about it,  you need to buy the UVs in order to use Generation 4 materials with the above script.   Sadly, I think they were on a big sale just the other day...


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    The legacy names may be related to Gen4 figures, but it was more about complatibility with the original Genesis as Genesis 3 dropped them. Genesis 2's two sets of surfaces are linked in DS, so it doesn't seem to be a problem there. It's the version imported by DSON in Poser that's messed up. Poser can't link the two, so only one should have been imported as the other will be completely useless. I tried it out in Poser 9 to see if there was something broken with Poser 11, but it's the exact same...except the phantom mats are at least at the bottom of the list rather than the top. (Poser 11 reorders the list alphabetically.) Since the importer was originally made for Poser 9 and was updated to support Genesis 2, I can only assume that is exactly how it worked. Whatever they were trying to acheive, it just didn't work and they didn't bother to clean it up.

    I didn't use the Genesis figures much in Poser, so I wasn't aware of the mat situation in that generation. Since Daz never bothered to fix it in all this time, it's doubtful they ever will. If there's no other solution, I'll have to make a cludge for those specific figures to clean it up myself. Ugh...

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