Can I use Poser Materials in Daz

RiverMissyRiverMissy Posts: 63

I am looking at Plushies: Rufus item #24774 which lists Daz and Poser, but the Rufus Expansion Pack 1 #24772 only lists Poser and Poser . MT5 materials.  Will the expansion pack work in Daz?  I get confused when looking at items to buy and knowing what will or will not work.  Thank you.



  • Richard HaseltineRichard Haseltine Posts: 56,516

    Only the most basic settings transfer, I would not expect these products to work I'm afraid. There are, however, soem products with similar shaders for DS (I think) so it might be possible to mix-and-match the models (which shoudl work) with the DS sahders - but I can't recall which products have those shaders/materials.

  • RiverMissyRiverMissy Posts: 63

    Thank you Richard.


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