Big Sleeves and Transfer Utility

Hi there

I was trying to get some big sleeves to fit the G8F using the Transfer Utility. However it seems like whatever options I choose, the result is a big destortion... I did delete the rest of the body using the geometry tool to eliminate any interference with the arms. What's the best way to deal with big sleeves? Is it even possible?

Appreciate any help, thx in advance!


1920 x 959 - 223K
1920 x 958 - 209K


  • Richard HaseltineRichard Haseltine Posts: 55,041

    Transfer Utility isn't likely to give results that are ideal for something like that - it's a starting point, but the looser the clothing the more editing of the weight maps and/or addition of joint-controlled morphs is going to be required. You could also, of course, try dForce.

  • tschutschitschutschi Posts: 10

    Thx for the reply!

    Not experienced with any of what you said, but I'll give it a try someday and look into it..

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