Iray sss translucence adjustment -g3 model adjustment

I am using daz 4.10 and the Nadine model that the creator has confirmed has Iray material that was created before the beta for 4.9.  I applied the fix for the older material files found in these forums of the skin surfaces having Base Color Effect set to  scatter & transmit to provide the option for sss reflectance tint. I set this to 1.00 0.88 0.69. However the skin tone still doesn't look similar to the model promo.  The suggested settings from the model creator made the skin very orange.  Her veins also show now.  What setting would I adjust to prevent this?  I used the following to adjust skin tone for the arms, ears, face, legs, lips, & torso:

translucency weight .2

translucency color to .97-.61-.38

sss reflective tint 1-.88-.69

transmitted color .97-.61-.38


Any suggestions for further adjustments?  Below is the promo image for comparison:

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