Goggles that have "on forehead" pose included?

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Looking for some goggles that already include a pose where the wearer has them on his forehead instead of over his eyes, like he's temporarily lifted them up to see. Anyone know which sets in the store come with this option out of the box? G8M (or compatible) is what I need. Thanks.

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    They have it out of the box.

    In any case, it's pretty simple to do it yourself :)
    The sunglasses will be parented to your figure, so they will follow its movements

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    These Goggles fit G8M and they have a "Goggles Up" morph under "actor".
    Attaching a super-quick render; I updated the metal and glass surfaces with IRAY shaders, all other surfaces are as they come, with just the glossiness turned down:


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    I used Cutie Goggles from Renderosity for this headshot image.

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