Hair transparency in OpenGL render (set to jpg.)

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Hello fine daz fan friends! :D

Well... I'm trying to make an OpenGL render of a scene in Daz. I have done this before, and I know you have to set the OpenGL render to jpg. so that the transparencies don't show in the hair (hair looks white if left on png.) But something strange happened on my last OpenGL render. Even tho the render is set to jpg. you can see the small png. white and grey squares in the hair. Even when something is in the background of the head, the little white and grey squares can be seen. I've tried to tweak the transparency and opacity in the surface settings of the hair, but the little white and grey squares still show up...

Anybody know what this is happening? :/

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    That's strange, when I save the image the white and grey squares don't appear in the image file...

    Guess problem solved... :o

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    It is important to remember that the viewport is not WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get). Somethings need to be rendered to see the final result.

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