AutoFit suddenly does not work (unsupported).

Hello! i am fairly new user , so i been tinkering Daz studio for like 3 weeks now, it was fine and nothing goes wrong. but then when i tried to apply a clothing or any other object that pop up Autofit tab , now its always say unsupported. it used to have option like , Genesis 3 female, Genesis 3 male, genesis 8 male etc. but now its always say 'unsopported'. and every piece of clothing i tried to add , endup in T posing. been trying to find the solution whole day, cant find any. so i decide to post in here. if someone know how to fix it please tell me. thank you.


  • Richard HaseltineRichard Haseltine Posts: 64,048

    That sounds like an issue wth the Content Managment System. Do you get an alert about needing a PostgreSQL connection when starting DS? Is Smart Content showing content, or the products or Categories lists in the Content Library?

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