How do I simulate 'cling wrap'/plastic wrap around or on an object [SOLVED]

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I am now in the making of freebies, especially products in shops as in examples of what I have done.

I also have a round cheese to which I want to add cling wrap or so.  Are there any materials to download or what settings will be the best to get such an shiny, transparent look?

I want to add a 'piece of transparent plastic' in donut box opening part and a shiny, transparent plastic look around box of cookies, etc.

I have already give these out for free without plastic but it will be much more realistic looking with plastic added.


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    Laura - very nice boxes.. cant' help with the cling wrap

  • launoklaunok Posts: 754

    Laura - very nice boxes.. cant' help with the cling wrap

    Thank you!  But an idea came to my mind to go and work with the textures in Photoshop rather.  I am now looking for ways to add these in Photoshop before export images out, i.e. gloss/shiny effect to paper and so on.

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    Laura: Nice boxes indeed. Unfortunately, I have no clue about plastic wrap rendering.

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    Adorable creations! Taglines emphasize them very well with humour.


  • launoklaunok Posts: 754

    I have somehow figured out the cling wrap on/around objects​.  I have done the images 1st in Photoshop using the Plastic Wrap filter of which I have not realised it was there!! Sighblush

    Then have imported the images into Sketchup got it onto models with lots of help from that community.

    One of the models I have used have holes in.  It's looking fine in Sketchup but once rendered in Bryce the holes show strange black light shadows peeping out.

    The image used was done by me which I have shared a few days back under Bryce renders without the cheese table and plastic wrap effect.


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  • HansmarHansmar Posts: 1,549

    Wonderfully done, Laura!

  • mermaid010mermaid010 Posts: 2,541

    Nice results Laura well done.

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