Message-Shirt-Magic for Genesis 8 Female(s)

After I enter my message for the T-shirt, I can find no way to load it on the t-shirt. There was no read-me with instructions, so I am at a loss.

Plus, I am unable to access the bottom of the message page (message page) because it is too big and denies me access to the bottom controls.
I am unable to slide it up or down because no scroll bar was included.

896 x 764 - 104K
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  • :::chirp, chirp, chirp::: That's what I get for buying beta 1. Daz gets another $20 for something that doesn't work.


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    Daz 3d has a 30 day money back guarantee.

    Plus the PA  is posting here in his official Commercial thread

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  • Thanks, Chohole for taking the time and trouble to reply. I usually end up throwing my hands up and calling an unworkable product a loss. Seems that somewhere between 15% and 25of new products anymore have some or another issue with them. I've gotten to where I buy the products halfway not expecting them to work. It's always anyone's but the vendor's fault. That's what they tell you anyway. I know 3DUniverse has been a reputable vendor for a while. Sometimes, regardless of how much testing is done, problems slip through. It's a great idea for a product, just a bit buggy and obviously unworkable. I'd like to own a workable product.

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    I responded to you in the other post. The product was tested by DAZ and works perfectly when installed through DIM. I realize that it is not working as Smart Content and I’m working with DAZ to rectify that. 

    Smart Content is created by the DAZ team, not the content creator, so I could not foresee the issue with Smart Content.

    I asked in the other thread what resolution your screen is as that is the reason the interface is being cut off. The interface was designed to work on standard display resolutions from 1440x900 (old MacBook Pro).

    I am more than willing to work with you to get the product working on your PC, but you are welcome to get your money back if you wish. 

    I would like to ask that you keep your questions and bug reports to one post though, as it is difficult to keep track of multiple posts with the same issues. 

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