Lights in a scene

Hello all,

I have a question about lightning in a scene.

If i load the i13 New vision bedroom place a G8, remove the right wall and do a render placing the Camera where the right wall was the light is perfect.

But if a rotate the camera 90 deg to the left and move it upwards to the left wall and render the scene gets really dark.

Placing a new light the scene gets totaly dark. I did try to create 10 diffrent lights in diffrent location and the scene was still to dark.

is there a ”universal” light that lights up the hole scene at every location?

this is the scene i’m talking about.

BR // Daniel


  • KitsumoKitsumo Posts: 946

    It's possible that in your General Settings, Auto Headlamp was set to When No Scene Lights. So your scene was being lit by the headlight, but when you added a light, it turned off the headlight. You could try turning up the Lumens on the lights that you added to the scene, they're probably not strong enough. Just a theory.

    Are you rendering in Iray or 3dl?

  • Thanks,

    I always use Iray. Regarding the headlamp it’s off.

    BR //Daniel

  • Richard HaseltineRichard Haseltine Posts: 55,106

    Where are you placing your lights/ It might help to post a couple of renders (if there's nudity either remove the figures or give them clothes).

  • Rev2019Rev2019 Posts: 42
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    i found the easiest way to lit up indoors is with Iray wow lights

    just remove the ceiling.

    and to get the G8 model to blend in better with the enviroment lighting reduce or remove translucency weight for the skin/eyes/lips/nails under "surfaces"

    the default TS value for the G8 models is 0.50 but with that the models looks pasted and way too dark compared to the lighting around them.


    Example here when translucency weight is lowered or removed completely for the G8 model

    1782 x 2160 - 6M
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  • Rev2019Rev2019 Posts: 42

    bedroom in the photo above is woodman house the bedroom

    you dont need to mess with lighting here it looks exactly like the promo images when you load it.

  • LenioTGLenioTG Posts: 1,217

    I used to remove the ceiling too, but it's very limiting: the images don't look natural, you can't frame the scene from the bottom, and you have to be careful to every reflection that might show the sky.

    I prefer to use ghost lights! At the beginning I used to realize them myself, now I use these kits all the time:

      I set a stronger light for the actual light sources (like windows) and a smooth overcast one on the ceiling. You can also light your characters if needed.
      If you set it right, you can also create night-lighting scenes, your renders will need less time, and most of the times you won't need to create a specific ghost light/spotlight/point light to highlight your character, because the environment will be well lit, avoiding a sterile look, but still looking natural!
  • Rev2019Rev2019 Posts: 42
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    i agree with ghost lights i used them also :)

    this photo is from one single ghost light Lantern no other lights was used.

    i increased the luminance some from the pre set watts thats all.

    placement of the lamps is very important so move them around until you get the light that you want.

    if its not enough just add one more ghost light.


    Another solution is to add one big ass Key Light from render studio iray to lit up the room.

    and when your on it add two more lights so you get a complete 3 rig lighting system.

    Fill light center (half luminance of the Key light and placed forward and slight lower thant the key light) and Rim light pointed above and behind the model.

    that solution will give the best looking light for your model

    1782 x 2160 - 4M
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  • fastbike1fastbike1 Posts: 3,174

    @Pat1 " TS value for the G8 models is 0.50 but with that the models looks pasted and way too dark"

    Agreed. 0.10 - 0.15 is a range of values that is reasonable for Caucasian skin.

  • Thanks all,

    i will look at the diffrent solutions when back home in a few days.

    BR // Daniel

  • MattymanxMattymanx Posts: 6,058

    I dont have that set but if its enclosed, you can do the following:

    Create a distant light and name it Sun Light

    In the Environment tab for Iray, set it to Dome and Scene and remove the HDR that is there by default.  This will bring up the Sun settings again.

    There is an option to specify a light to be used as the sun, choose the distant light named Sun Light that you created.

    Position your Sun Light so that its aiming in the big window in that set.


    You can use any mesh lights to further light the scene as well.  If you need a large, easy to use mesh light for additional lights, I highly recommend this set as I use it all the time -

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