Getting back into programming and have a question...

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It has been a long while since I have coded I had a question.

Since I am currently on windows 8 (soon to be 8.1) and I want to give a stab at doing some plugs for Carrara. It was visual studio from Microsoft was the thing to use. Since they now have Visual Studio 2013 will that work. Any other suggestions? I know there are some other compilers but if I recall the SDK wants you to use the MS tools. I am open to any suggestions. I have macs here once I get something that work thats worth porting then I will ask about that platform (Xcode which is GCC).

THere appears to be several versions as well. For Windows and For Windows Desktop (there are others like For Web, Phone, Server which are not likely) in the free catagory. Seems a fairly complex setup :) Should I stay with this or can you use like GCC. I know there are some dialog builders as well but I am not sure what is needed for that.

** EDIT** I found this at CarraraCafe that talks about the visual studio express 2012 So I could try the 2013 (though if you want to make any comments on dev enviroment I am all ears).

ALso is there a specific 8.5 SDK since that is the latest version? CarraraCafe I found the 8.1 SDK

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    I'm still using Visual Studio 2005 on the Windows side, so I don't think I can help there. I suspect anything newer than that will work as long as it can compile real binaries (there were some editions that only did managed code).

    On the Mac side, earlier SDKs needed XCode 3.21 which you can still download free. You could probably get it running on a newer version of XCode if you don't plan on supporting PowerPC or <= OS X 10.4. Since DAZ dropped support for older OS X versions and PowerPCs with the 8.5 patch, that may be what they've done.</p>

    If you do try XCode 3.21, you won't be able to install it on anything later than Lion 10.7 (and even that requires a bit of a hack). Since I still build for Carrara 6 or better and didn't want to mess with working projects, I just set up a virtual machine with Lion to build for Carrara on the Mac side.

    Please report back your findings with VS 2013 and/or any GCC experiments.

    Good luck.

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