A head-scratcher: model is dark in render

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So I'm rendering an earth from orbit and no matter how much light I throw at this disc model, or from what angle, it renders black.  Just a silhouette. Using Daz and Iray. Any ideas why I can't get a lighted render?


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    No idea without more info... but yeah, it is possible to have just a primitive sphere and a primitive background and a single point light (say) and bingo, nothing works and the lights don't seem to play over the ball (sorry) no matter what you do. I have seen this in DS 4.8 but I'm not sure if I can make it happen in 4.10 or not. I suppose I could try!

    The good news is that most renders seem to work, like the attached one where the earth is a spherical model by Juice 3D. The helmet is a simple transparent sphere and the boots are from the M4 space suit. But I do get black silouettes from time to time!

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    Ok, here is a scene set up in 4.10 with a sphere (it's actually a billiard ball), a background and a point light, and a camera. It's more or less playing ball but it's rendering like a scene in broad daylight which is good because I'm doing a pool table, not 2001: A Space Odyssey.

    However if *I was* trying to render a scene in outer space, I'd be pretty unhappy right about now!!!

    Do you want a copy of the .DUF file for this scene?

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    One thing that is not happening with this scene is most of the time I can't see anything in the view pane - everything is dark. And if I select "Top View" nothing makes any sense at all.

    If I tack along with the point light on either the x or z axis, you would think that the ball becomes more, or less, iluminated but it does not.

    So for me, rendering this pool table scene "in the dark" is a great big guessing game. sad

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    I rebuilt the scene in a fresh file and it worked fine.  Not sure what was wrong with the other file.  It's great that there are so many buttons and features in Daz but sometimes there are so many you can't find the culprit of a botched render.

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