Did they do something new with the Texture selection?

I had to reinstal windows so I downloaded DAZ Studio and was attempting to change the model texture when I discovered something was missing. Where there should've been a secton for selecting and changing textures as usual I found this.

I've never seen this before and I'm not exactly sure what's going on. Any help would be appreciated.

546 x 595 - 101K


  • Richard HaseltineRichard Haseltine Posts: 55,071

    I would suspect you had the layout set to Full service (Beta), but then the pane's label would be Surfaces (Colour). Still, it may be worth reloading the layout just top be safe - Window>Workspace>Select Layout.

  • Syrus_DanteSyrus_Dante Posts: 983

    That is usualy just the first tab in the Scene pane. There should be an Edit tab too right behind Presets on top, I wonder why it is not showing, maybe an installation error. The only advice I can give is check your selection in the scene pane.

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