Where did the shoulder twist go? (Use G1 pose preset to G8F)

Hello! This is my first post on this forum!

I have one trouble now.

I applied the pose preset created in G1 to G8F.
Front-Back / Bend of Shoulder Rotate has become the same value as G1.
Does not reflect the twist value.
Is this in the specifications?


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I think that the pose is easier to divert if the twist is also reflected.
Because if you reflect the value, it will be a closer pose.

Please tell me if you know someone!

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    Please put the Viewport into Smooth Shaded mode, or at least a non-textured mode, before taking screen shots of nude figures.

    The bone names are diffrent in Genesis 1 and Genesis 8, as are the starting positions so even if the values do apply the results will differ. There are converters around.

  • Thank you for answering! I'm very happy.
    I'm sorry about the image. I will be careful next time.

    My question is just of "value". I don't care about the difference in pose appearance.
    It was doubtful that in the same bone there were parameters to follow and parameters not to follow.
    (This may be related to making twist another bone in G8)

    But I give up. Because this may be a specification.
    Thank you for your answer.

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