How Do You Cancel a Render in Interactive Mode?

Whenever I render in interactive mode and need to cancel the render, Daz studio won't cancel. Unlike photorealistic mode, the interactive mode hangs for a long time, finishing the image even though I canceled the render at around 50 percent. It's not a fluke either. It happens every time. 

Any thoughts?


  • PadonePadone Posts: 878

    set max samples down in render settings

  • GOD-sSs-ENDGOD-sSs-END Posts: 65
    Padone said:

    set max samples down in render settings

    That's not useful.

    When you're rendering for a finished image, you need the iterations at your target. I'm talking about when you need to cancel because of some unseen event. When you try and cancel, interactive mode won't. It always finishes the scene, even when you select cancel, even when the render window disappears. Daz keeps working on it.


  • cm152335cm152335 Posts: 344

    on image render press "cancel"
    if you cancel after some iteration, the cancel is immediately after the comfirm 
    if you do this just in start, it keep more time due to calculation procedure 
    just be patient

  • LenioTGLenioTG Posts: 1,132

    I've had the same problem.

    In the end, the time I spent to fix this, was more than the time I earned avoiding the photorealistic mode, but the renders were, I came back to Photorealistic!

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