HUD (Heads Up Display)

I'm playing around trying to figure out how to do this.

So far I have this and anyone who knows how, please chip in on this.

In Hexagon:
I created a primitive, 6 sided panel.
I "Materialed" and UV mapped one side for the screen and called it "ConsoleScreen".
I "Materialed" and UV Mapped the other 5 sides  the same and called them "InvisibleSurface".
I Exported as an .obj

In Daz:
I Imported the .obj
In Surfaces I selected the "InvisibleSurfaces" and dialed in 100% Opacity
In Surfaces I selected the "Console Screen" and using the dropdown in Opacity, selected the LCARS I wanted.

What I got was a great HUD of the console except it's apearing with no color.
The black surfaces are invisible. All other colors are in varying shades of grey to white.

If I select the drop down in "Diffuse Color" and select the LCARs I get a great HUD in color on screen but when I render it in Nvidia, it still comes out in greys.

Baffled at the moment.


  • handyman4545handyman4545 Posts: 381


    I got it working oddly enough.
    When I reloaded the images and reset them again, they came up in color.

    Go figure.

    HUD 000.jpg
    960 x 768 - 363K
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