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Hello everyone. Here I have my favorite character Justin (custom). I think he's pretty awesome already, but I would like some finetuning. After testing around a while already, I could need some help and/or suggestions. There are several problems I'd like to fix:

  • Eye position - they seem to have some kind of crossedeye, but I set everything I could find to zero
  • Finger - not too important, but the middlefinger looks a bit strange
  • Nails - any suggestions for better settings?
  • Skin - now here I have big troubles. I like him to be a tanned character, but I can't get it. I tried everything from Base color to Transluency over to Transmitted. Either it's too red or to orange/yellow. I uploaded an example of a color I'd like to reach.


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    For the eyes, that's been an issue for a while, but I think the latest DAZ update fixed that. If you want to move just one eye to be in a specific direction, use the Rotate tool and click on the eye to move it.

    For middle finger, again, use the rotate tool to bend it, twist it or move from side-to-side.

    Skin and nails, from the Surface tab, you can change the base color to a light yellow-orange (try 1.00, 0.63, 0.42). If you want to see some of the skin bumps, raise the Base Bump slide a little. Also, you can get some of the DAZ store products, just search for "tan".

    Not sure if you know what I meant, so if you need further details, please let me know.

    I hope this helps, and keep those great renders of your coming!

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    Very good looking character @David-17

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    You designed your character to how like like so know the following is only my opinion:

    1) Based on his face shape he should appear somewhat reddish in skin tone. Where it falls down though is the nipple color, they are the wrong color for his skin tone. Inappropriate brown nipples are a typical DAZ 3D sort of skin material set failing.

    2) Irises are too blue, they look like he has blue contact lenses on. Hazel green is a more typical eye color, but not exclusive, for that sort of phenotype.

    3) He looks like he's worked to obtain that tan and so the extra smooth skin looks odd. Now I don't mean he needs to be scruffed up and make him look like he's worked on an oil rig all his life, just a few modest expression lines/wrinkles like you'd expect at that age. If he were naturally tan or naturally pale and hadn't worked on a tan well you could expect such a smooth complexion but that deep of a tan at that age that's been worked on so much has penalties.

    4) I know a lot of folk bleach their hair but that guy is a dirty blond / brunette and needs dirty blond / brunette eyebrows not black eyebrows.

    In the transmitted color in the surfaces change it from it's current color to a brownish green - and then adjust the saturation in the saturation bar at right in the DS color picker according to how deep a green brown tan (instead of red brown) you want him to have and I think that will solve your problem. If not look at the translucency color and change it as well. If the red brown you're not liking is painted in the diffuse texture you'll have a time changing it but you can in photoshop or gimp it to cheap the hue and saturation too (if need be) and then copying the original you modified to a new name and replacing in the surfaces. It might look odd though in the texture's really pale areas like under the armpits they might look greenish brown instead of just pale.

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    Great looking morph. I feel the skin is too featureless, too smooth, especially the eyes and the face

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    Thanks for your replies. As for the eyes and finger, it's all zeroed so it should look ok, but you see. Bending and moving is no problem.

    Indeed, his skin is smooth, I'm going to work on that. I don't need him to be too realistic/photorealistic, but I want the skin to look good. The tan products, I'm not sure. Or does anyone have a good product and expirience with it? I like a nice brownish color like in the example I uploaded. So far I could not reach it, even with trying all kinds of colors in the different tabs. Maybe I have to rework the base texture and work your suggestions in.

    I'll upload a pic soon. Thanks so far for all the input :)

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    To change the base colour of the skin leave the image map in place and try changing the white base colour to one of these presets. It doesn't always work as expected but, then, sometimes it just does. I've done it a couple of times to try for a certain look.

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    Just for the record, remember that there's no such thing as perfection with things like hands. If you look at real hands, there will be little irregularities such as slight bends or crookedness in fingers. It might actually look more natural to just leave it as is. The character looks good.

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    Now that's an interesting link, thanks for that :) I made some adjustments. Lowered the Transluency wight and changed eye end base texture color. He also got mesh hair, finaly. There is still a little texture problem tho. Going to fix that tomorrow.

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    David-17 said:

    Now that's an interesting link, thanks for that :) I made some adjustments. Lowered the Transluency wight and changed eye end base texture color. He also got mesh hair, finaly. There is still a little texture problem tho. Going to fix that tomorrow.

    much better really

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