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Can’t install Bryce Pro content. Keep getting “Bryce was not found in the chosen location, which may cause the content not to function properly. Would you like to continue anyway?” After several tries I said yes and Bryce App will not open. Tried downloading vcreditlist_64.exe and ran it also as I saw that in the forum and my machine is x64 Toshiba laptop.


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    What's your operating system?

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    I suggest that you look through this PDF from Horo.

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    Sorry was being a dork - was following web instructions not realizing links for files had been sent to my email also. Main Bryce program was email also and I misinterpreted Lightning as being the new name for Bryce and not a rendering package. Am now up an running - thanks for quick response.

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    No problems, and welcome to the Bryce forum.

  • Hi guys, 

    I am a little frustrated.  I purchased Bryce Pro 7.0 and I can't seem to install it with the "it doesn't know where the original Bryce is?".  What did I purchase then?  Presets?  I looked at the PDF file but that is for Bryce 7.1. Did I miss something here?  Is Bryce 7 the software or simply an addition to the real software?  I tried to locate the original Bryce software and I cannot find it on Daz 3D.  All I see is a whole bunch of other Bryce additions. I started to realize that you really can't locate anything on Daz 3D as it is really hard to pinpoint a specific item.  Then, I looked it up on ebay and the bryce software is for $170 but $20 here on Daz 3D with the same cover.  I need to utilize the software but then I am not even sure if I have the software or just an addition.  And if I have the original then why can't it just download into my laptop like an original software would?  As you can see, I am frustrated.  Thanks for listening and helping. It shouldn't be this complicated. 

    My laptop is an Asus 64 bit with windows 10. Icore 7, 24 gigs of rams, with 6 gigs on Nvidia 970M.  





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    We do recommend that Bryce is installed manually.    Bryce & pro shows in the product library as an upgrade from Bryce 7.   This is because there was originally 2 versions,  now Br7 pro ois all that is available.

    These images show you the 2 different screens in the Product Library. 

    The actual Software file is the 253.76 file which is labelled Bryce7.1.0.109_win32.exe.   You then have 2 content files,   the small Bryce 7 content file and the large 670gb Bryce Pro content file.   The Bryce ligntning file you only need if you want to set up a render farm.


    Edited to add.  Bryce 7 Pro is only available legally through Daz 3D  here on this site.    I cannot find it on ebay, but any copy that you find on ebay will not be a legal copy.

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  • I don't even get that file offered to me. I feel ripped off.

  • I don't even get that file offered to me. I feel ripped off.

    Which file?

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    I have put off installing Bryce long enough because I am confused. Are you saying to install the Bryce_7.1.0.109_win32.exe which is the 253.76  file first?  Below are snapshots of the current listings in the Product Library.  Then after that install the BryceConten_7.0.0.21_Win.exe for the content?  Then the BryceProContent_7.0.0.19_Win.exe?  Then Lightening only if you want a render farm of some kind setup.  Correct?

    Then if all goes well I can point my DIM to my Bryce installation and it can install any add-ons I have purchased.  I am running Windows 10.

    Thank you.

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    I did the installs as I listed them above and when I went to install the BryceProContent I got the message in the attached picture.  I am not sure if I should let it uninstall and install the other?  Thanks.

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    RiverMissy - DIM is the Daz Studio Install Manager and it is unusable for Bryce. Download the files, unpack them and copy the files. Bryce itself can reside anywhere on your computer, USB or network drives. Some content needs to be installed into specific folders under the main Bryce folder you define. This PDF shows you everything you need to know.

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    Thank you that is a very thorough document but I did not find the answer to whether to let it uninstall the prior content to install the Pro content.  I canceled on the install and feel I do not know enough to know what to do.  This is why I have put off installing Bryce stuff for so long.  Thank you for your assistance.

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    RiverMissy - do not have anything uninstalled. The Pro content is an additional set.

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    Ok on not uninstalling anything.  Sounds good to me.  I wasn't sure if one set was newer, better, different or what.  

    I was reading through your .pdf last night and basically it seems that the presets are in 2 different places which I am finding a bit confusing.  Is one set for the program and the other set for the data?  In the document you were saying to install the add-ons anywhere and then move the items manually but since there are 2 different presets I am not sure which ones go where.  The Add-ons I have are: TheGraveyard and 100 Brushes and Bryce 7.1 Pro GoldenLightning which I understand the Lightning I may not use unless I am going to employ additional computers to render so my main items right now are the Graveyard and 100 Brushes.

    Thank you for your help and patience.

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    Do not confuse GoldenLight-ing with Light-ning. Lightning is the network render client, GoldenLighting is a set to light the scene.

    GoldenLighting contains 5 folders when unpacked and a ReadMe text file. You can create a folder e.g. "GoldenLighting" anywhere on your computer and copy the folder with the files in there. None of the content needs to be in a particular place. Main thing is you can find it again.

    When Bryce is installed, there are several folders, one of them is "Content" and there are sub-folders. You can add content that does not need to be in a specific folder (like, e.g. Presets) to that folder, create sub- and sub-sub folders as you please.

    The most important folder is Presets. Depending on the file-type (e.g. .obp, mat, brt, etc) such files must be copied into the appropriate sub-folder but this folder has sub-folders (but no sub-sub-folders), one is called User. You can use this or create a new one, e.g. myStuff or RiverMissy

    Stuff in the Preset folders is accessed from Bryce through the appropriate library. From within a library, you can also create sub-folders to save your stuff.

    I don't know "Graveyard and 100 Brushes" but the GoldenLighting set has nothing that belongs in any Preset subfolder. Perhaps you have the time to watch the videos that come with it. 01_Bryce_basics.... may be a good start.

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    Horo said:


    I don't know "Graveyard and 100 Brushes" but the GoldenLighting set has nothing that belongs in any Preset subfolder. Perhaps you have the time to watch the videos that come with it. 01_Bryce_basics.... may be a good start.

    Thanks for the clarification on Golden Lightning.  I will put watching the videos on my list of things to do next.  Thanks for all your help!

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    I think 01_Bryce_basics.... will help understand libraries and folders, the others may be over your head at this time.

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