Scene Tree??? A kazillion forms?

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And Yet Another Conundrum

I just now noticed this after days of working this piece.

There should be only 2, reletively simple items in this scene yet I have maybe 70 of these "Form 289" items that when turned off make no difference to the two items in the scene.
They are all in EXACTLY, the same position and size.
The size should make them visible.
Deleting the ONLY two items in the scene still leaves them behind yet invisible.
Changing any of the perameters simply reverts back on new selection.
I can't figure out what they are, where they are or how to get rid of them.

Anybody have any input on this?

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    I figured out how to eliminate the invisible items but I still have no idea why they were there.

    I selected the top one in the scene tree list, scrolled down to the bottom one and holding the shift key, selected it.
    That "blued" them all.
    Then merely deleted them and saved the scene.

  • They are clones, probably caused by pressing CTRL+D by mistake. Only a guess :)

    Glad you solved it :)

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    They apparently loaded way back in the early stages of my wor when I cross loaded another project into the scene temporarilly.

    Add part is that the location of these alledged items put them outside any of the items in the scene and even though they showed size traits, nothing showed when they were selected. 
    Removing them made a significant difference in the speed of the work renders.

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