How to create new content types.

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For a plugin based on the c ++ sdk I introduced a new content type. I can save a preset file for this content type and everything works as planned.

As an example a snippet from a preset file:

{ "file_version" : "", "asset_info" : {  "id" : "/dobitPlugin%20Presets/Dobit/default/Chapel.duf",  "type" : "preset_newtype",  "contributor" : {"author" : "Dobit",   "email" : "","website" : ""  },  "revision" : "1.0",  "modified" : "2019-04-29T07:52:54Z" }, "scene" : {  "animations" : [    {    "url" : "name://@selection:?extra/studio_node_channels/channels/DOBITPLUGUN_EFFECT_AUX_01/value",...

However, Daz Studio does not know this node type and shows in the Content Library Pane in the icon a "Preset?" Symbol (see image). Is there a way to tell Daz Studio the new node type and to overlay a custom symbol?



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