Black November Bundle With 2 Items 40% Discount Not Working

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I put Jaycee Complete Pack for Teen Josie 6 and Girl 4 Army Pinup in my cart and they are not showing the 40% discount.

However if I add another item that can be bundled with Jaycee Complete Pack for Teen Josie 6 to the cart, so I have 3 items, the 50% discount shows for having 3 items.

Anyone else not getting the discount for just 2 items?


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    I get no additional discount for Jaycee + 1 from that category. With +2 I get 40% & +3 items gives 50%. So looks like it's setup to not count the first, which is not what's advertised.

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    It's not working for me at all like advertised, e.g.

    "Faces of Africa" plus 2 items from the corresponding bundle ... no discount
    Same as above, but with 1 further item ... about 25 percent discount

    I think I'll come back later when they have the bugs sorted out.

    *** Correction ***

    Seems I get nearer the 40% if I work from the original prices, e.g. the third item from the bundle was also a Platinum Club item with 82% , which I had assumed would either be discounted a further amount, or not discounted at all, but what appears to be happening is with all four in the cart I just under 39% discount on the sum of all the original prices, which in effect undoes in part the Platinum Discount on that item (falls from $8.00 to $4.01).

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