Daz pre schoolers and Daz kids

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Are the pre schoolers the same as the kids? I have just purchased a thorne and sarsa character and need cloths and hair for her, but I don't want to mistakenly buy something that won't fit.


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    The pre-schoolers usually refers to the Millenium Girl and Boy figures while Kids 4 is an entirely different figure. It's possible to get some older millenium kids clothes to fit onto K4, but it usually takes a bit of fiddling and the results aren't always perfect. If you need K4 items, I suggest narrowing your search for compatible items so that you have an easier time finding what you need. In terms of overall support, K4 has more accessories, clothes and characters than even the latest figures. Kids figures haven't really had a great deal of love before or since then.

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    What most people refer to as the pre-schoolers is usually the Generation 3 figures Matt & Maddie, to be safe check the readme or product page for the character you bought, what figure it requires should be listed.

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