Script to carry out repetitive actions.

I find that I am repeating the same actions very frequently ie
'Edit>Rigging>Adjust rigging to shape' 'Accept'
followed immediately by
'Edit>Geometry>Apply smoothing modifier'

Is it possible to achieve this (and similar repetitive actions) using a script?


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    There's a very good chance it can be done.
    You could check the scripting docs to see if it daz script has the facilities to do what you need.
    Check the DAZ Script Api on this page: (docs for v. 4.x is not up to date, which is why I post a link to v. 3 docs)

  • Richard HaseltineRichard Haseltine Posts: 98,312
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    the trouble is both of these are features that were not present in DS3, and so won't be in the DS3 scripting docs. I don't know if they are exposed to scripting.

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    Produce a list of action group/label/classname...

    var oMgr = MainWindow.getActionMgr();
    var nActions = oMgr.getNumActions();
    var oAction = undefined;
    var aDetails = [];
    for( var i = 0; i < nActions; i += 1 ) {
     oAction = oMgr.getAction( i );
     aDetails = [
         oAction.text.replace( "&", "" ),
     print( aDetails.join( " : " ) );

    Execute actions...

    var oMgr = MainWindow.getActionMgr();
    var oAction = oMgr.findAction("DzMVCCageAdjustRigToShapeAction");
    if( oAction ){
    oAction = oMgr.findAction("DzMeshSmoothAction");
    if( oAction ){


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    Thread moved to the developer discussion forum since it has to do with scripting.

  • rbel_295e7c1d4crbel_295e7c1d4c Posts: 99
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    Many thanks Rob - just what I needed.

  • Causam3DCausam3D Posts: 202

    Works wonderfully.  Now, how do I turn the smoothing modifier back off with this script?


  • Causam3DCausam3D Posts: 202

    Nevermind, I ran your discovery script and there it was right on top: DzRemoveMeshSmoothAction

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