DAZ Install Manager -Thumbnail suggestion etc.

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The Product Library is one of the best new features of DAZ3D with tons of practical uses. I also like the DAZ Install Manager (DIM) very much because it has made managing content much, much easier.

A couple of things in DIM could be improved.

1 Add a Thumbnail (option) for all of the items. I often have no idea what the download item is based simply on the very brief title, especially for old purchases.

2 For first time users it is very confusing to have the check marks disappear on Ready to Download, after you start the download process. It's as if you've made a mistake.

3 For Photoshop Plugins and other non DAZ Studio / Poser items, it would be helpful to have the option of a default directory, so the stuff could be downloaded, but not put into the DAZ folders.

That's it. Thanks to all of the DAZ people who came up and implemented these great new features.




  • Richard HaseltineRichard Haseltine Posts: 57,740
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    Brushes and such should take their path from the PS path in the Applications tab.

  • CypherFOXCypherFOX Posts: 3,337
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    What Richard said.

    But I agree strongly about the thumbnails. It would be really nice.

    -- Morgan

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